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Meet Teriah

age 18 | Childhood cancer survivor (Osteosarcoma)

Submitted by mom, Terri:

I would like to share a little of my daughter’s testimony with you. At nine she was diagnosed with cancer-osteosarcoma from that she had her right leg amputated. The chemo they gave her damaged her heart and she had to get a heart transplant. This all happened in one year! God saved my daughter but a few years later she was facing a failing heart again and had to have another heart transplant. After that, she had two strokes, and I know you’re thinking where is God in this story. The answer is he was in every moment saving my daughter. I witnessed miracles after miracles. My daughter is 18 now and if you can see her you would never know she’s been through any of this. She’s now in college for nursing! So trust God, take him at his word. Stand on his promises and have FAITH!🙌🏾 You want to see Miracles here she is!


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