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Meet Jose

age 7 | diagnosed with Medulloblastoma

Submitted by mom, Katia:

My son's name is Jose Mateo Corro. He is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma this past October 2020. Doing PT and OT, he was wearing diapers and now he is in underwear. He had a cobia for water and now he takes baths and showers and continues to amaze us every day. We went to the pool with the NG tube and he did it pretty good. We finished 4 cycle A Chemotherapy, one cycle B and a half. We have 1 1/2 more chemos cycle B to go, but unfortunately, we are waiting for approval of the insurance for one medicine. We had to pause, we appeal and just waiting for the Insurance.

We had ups and downs with the treatment like a rollercoaster. Thank God we finished the aggressive chemo cycle A. Getting ready for school to start. We had a meeting with the school to retain him in 1st grade and start with a good baseline. Waiting for the answer as well.

Working on his appetite little by little so he can get rid of the NG tube.


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