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Meet Ezra

age 2 | diagnosed with Neuroblastoma

Submitted by mom, Charlotte:

Ezra's childhood cancer journey began with his diagnosis of Neuroblastoma at 8 months old. Before getting sick, Ezra was the life of the party at his Montessori group and was reaching milestones early.

As he started to feel worse, he stopped doing... everything. He wouldn't eat, play, anything. Ezra took on 14 rounds of chemotherapy, tumor resection surgery (at 14 months) and a host of other procedures, not to mention a delayed surgery to fix a cleft in his soft palate when he was finally off treatment.

Currently, Ezra is NED (No Evidence of Disease) and in OT (Occupational Therapy) and Speech to catch up on milestones he missed during treatment. Ezra is also adjusting to life with hearing aids due to chemo-induced hearing loss. While his first year was super tough, he is a happy, bright 2-year-old!


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