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Meet Easton

age 7 | Childhood cancer survivor (Embryonal tumor)

Submitted by mom, Jessica:

We are lighting up our home for our son, Easton! His superhero name is EastonBeaston and he was diagnosed with an embryonal tumor in December 2019. He underwent chemo, radiation, port placement, more chemo, aphaeresis, stem cell transplants and maintenance chemo! He did all this while completing kindergarten and 1rst grade above grade level! In July 2021 he became MED FREE and has had clear scans with NED since his initial total resection! He is our hero and so are all of the other amazing warriors!!

Submitted by dad, Justin:

For my son Easton who was diagnosed with an embryonal tumor in December 2019! He’s gone through hell and back and is officially off treatment with NED!

Submitted by aunt, Johnna:

My family pledges for my sisters son EastonBeaston! He has battled and beat brain cancer! This sweet boy is only 7 years old and has had to endure more than anyone should ever have too! He and his family are strong and we love them so much! We are Team EastonBeaston.

Submitted by aunt, Amber:

Lighting up gold for my super hero nephew EastonBeaston!


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