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Meet Alex

age 31 | Childhood cancer survivor (Neuroblastoma)

Submitted by mom, Kathy:

My son, Alex, had cancer as a baby, thankfully survived and is thriving today. My other son, Matthew, is working hard with ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation to bring awareness to the need for additional funding and research and to support these children and their families. I am happy and proud to help in any way I can.

Submitted by uncle, John:

I am very grateful that my nephew, Alex, survived cancer as a baby. I am happy to support childhood cancer research and promote awareness for these children and their families in any way I can.

Submitted by Margaret:

I am pledging my light for Alex Gordon. I do not know Alex well but he is a member of the church I attend in Alexandria, VA. Alex is a bright light in our sanctuary each Sunday and a cancer survivor.


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