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In Memory of Maya

age 14 | diagnosed with Medulloblastoma

Submitted by mom, Melissa:

I’m lighting up in memory of my daughter, Maya Smith who passed away in September 2019 of Medulloblastoma at the age of 14.

Submitted by aunt, Shelly:

I am lighting up for my niece Maya Smith! She fought a good fight and was resilient despite the fact that she was sick. She influenced so many and live a bright life! I light up for her and all children that is fighting this battle with cancer and diseases!

Submitted by great aunt, Carolyn:

My beautiful brave great-niece and author, Maya Smith, lost her battle at age 14 to brain cancer. She prepared her family prior to leaving us. So now, we live each day in love, gratitude, and service…striving for excellence in all that we do. That was how Maya lived her life.

Submitted by Rowena: In memory of Maya Smith who brightened up the world. She had cancer and passed away too early at the age of 14. We were all blessed to know her.


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