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porch light with gold bulb

a light

to take a visible stand on behalf of Virginia's childhood cancer patients and survivors.


359 lights for 359 kids

We're on a mission to light up 359 buildings and homes in gold during September's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to represent and bring attention to the 359 children across Virginia who are diagnosed with cancer each year - but we need your help!

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Join the movement in Virginia to glow gold to raise awareness for kids with cancer this September.

Childhood cancer isn't that uncommon in Virginia, and kids need our help. Here's why:


children, on average, are diagnosed with cancer each year in Virginia.

Source: Virginia Department of Health


of all childhood cancer survivors develop late effects from treatment that make it harder to learn and thrive.


of children who survive cancer will experience educational or other problems in school.

Source: National Library of Medicine

Virginia, we can do better!

Over the past year, we've done a lot to help kids diagnosed with cancer, but there is still more to do. Let's come together to raise awareness and show support for childhood cancer patients and survivors across the state.

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Buy Your Bulb

Getting involved is as easy as changing your light bulb. 

We've already done the testing to find the boldest and goldest bulb around. Buy your bulb now so you're ready to change your white light to gold on September 1!

Why your support matters

Meet some of the children and families across Virginia who have been directly affected by childhood cancer who are sharing their "why" behind joining the movement this September.


Join the movement!



Glow gold this September to raise awareness for the 359 children diagnosed with cancer in Virginia each year.

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